Jacob Kafka, animator


Animation exercises - Action Analysis I
Animation exercises - Action Analysis II
Fall 2009/Spring 2010

Animation exercises for Action Analysis classes at NYU. Some pencil/paper, some Flash.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Abridged
Spring 2009

Final project for Intro to Animation class at NYU. Animated in Flash.

Incongruitastic - episode Zero
Incongruitastic - episode One
Incongruitastic - episode Two
Incongruitastic - episode Three
Incongruitastic - episode Four

June 2006 - October 2007

An animated webseries about four security guards who protect an array of dangerous and unpredictable lightswitches from nefarious folks who would try to harness their power. Animated in Blender.

March 2005

A Peanuts/Star Wars crossover fanfilm. Animated in Blender.


August 2013

A road trip movie, backwards...

No Place Like Home
Spring 2010

Final project for Sight & Sound Studio class at NYU. Puppets!

Sight & Sound film #1 - "Dinosaur"
Sight & Sound film #2 - "I"
Sight & Sound film #3 - "Long Distance"
Sight & Sound film #4 - "A Cautionary Tale"
Sight & Sound film #5 - "Continuity"

Fall 2009

Films made in Sight & Sound Film class at NYU, shot on 16mm black & white reversal film and edited on a Steenbeck flatbed.

Crossed Lines
August 2009

An experiment in overlapping dialogue. Alternate title: Dial A for Awkward.

January 2009

An exciting time travel adventure, or maybe just confusing montages of a guy walking through the forest.

Lightsaber Altercation
December 2004

A lightsaber fight movie. Sort of.


Watching all six Star Wars movies simultaneously
November 2005
Silly fun project I did that was briefly popular on the Internet.

R2-D2 vs. Yoda
December 2003
A Star Wars fanfilm. Pretty crappy animation by my current standards, but I'm still proud of it.

Video of the Sudbury Valley School beech tree getting cut down
September 2006

The Sandwiches
October 2005
A silly movie about being quarantined without food.

June 2003
A 9 minute short about a rockhopper penguin coming to my school.